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Our seasonal recipe database is complete with healthy recipes for all the family. You'll soon find that healthy food is not only quick and easy to prepare but it's delicious too.

Smooth Stew For Babies


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Vegan Spanokopita
One of my favourite meals is a traditional Greek spanokopita. It's not something I make very often however there's no way to substitute the traditional paper fine flaky filo with a wholegrain alternative. The pastry packet says it's suitable for vegans and so, substituting the feta with a creamy cashew alternative, I reckon this recipes makes a pretty healthy vegan alternative to the real thing and it's scrumptious.
Zucchini Vellutata
This stunning spring soup (try saying that in a hurry) is a recipe idea I ran off with after attending the Australian Olive Oil awards last week. They were held at the iconic restaurant Pendolino Olive Oil Gallery and to start our lunch we were served zucchini vellutata. What made it so great was the layer of olive oil over the top so please make sure when you make this you use a fine quality extra virgin olive oil.
Berry Pancakes with maple infused Sheep's yoghurt
Berry pancakes are a real crowd pleaser on weekends, particularly with a sweet creamy yoghurt to serve on the side.
Grilled Romaine, and Parmesan
This is a simple but rather impressive side dish. Serve it with grilled salmon and knock the socks off your guests.
Buckwheat Pancakes with Strawberries, Rhubarb, Yoghurt and Ginger
Rhubarb is a surprisingly good source of calcium; one cup has about half the calcium as the same amount of whole milk. For those of you who are lactose intolerant, it is useful to know that the lactose is broken down in buttermilk and yoghurt. Many people also find sheep and goat's yoghurt much easier to digest. This recipe is healthy and looks splendid - enjoy!

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