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  Judy Davie - The Food Coach - information sourced from Science Daily
How we age is very much dependant on how well we take care of ourselves and the degree of chronic low-grade inflammation in the body.

Inflammaging occurs in the absence of any specific infection and represents a significant risk factor for morbidity and mortality in the elderly. It is linked to many age related diseases including arthritis, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, Alzheimer's disease, macular degeneration, frailty, and impaired ...

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Judy Davie - The Food Coach
I was interested to read an article on on veganism.
Judy Davie - The Food Coach
Have you ever considered how you would define a snack? For some, it's a small meal consumed between the main meals, others define it as something lacking in nutritional goodness, while others consider it as food eaten-on-the-go.
Judy Davie - Image copyright Alison Jay(The Alison Jay Gallery) Available on Etsy
Imagine what it would feel like to invest all your time, effort and money into a product that costs more to produce than you make for it?

That's precisely what's happening to Queensland strawberry farmers right now who report that the cost to grow, pick and pack a punnet of strawberries is approximately $1.10 while we can buy them at the supermarket for $1.


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