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Jim on Spearheading Health with Asparagus :
I have grown asparagus for close on 30 years in my home... »
Jim on What I've learned from growing beans :
Another reason for your broad beans not producing to da... »
Jim on Yes but what about the sugar ( in low fat dairy) :
I have been making my own yoghurt for over 40 years now... »
Margaret on Life's more simple with less. :
I totallyagree!Keep it simple.As close to nature as pos... »
Jill on Life's more simple with less. :
Totally agree, it is a world of over indulgence these d... »

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  Glenn Cardwell, Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian
1. Banana power
Cyclists, tennis players, triathletes and just about anybody involved in sport love to eat bananas before, during or straight after training.
Research shows that having two bananas an hour (with water) works just as well as sports drinks on a 75km bike ride. The banana breaks down in digestion to give natural sugars that fuel the muscles, making it the perfect sports snack.

2. The perfect pick-me-up
Carbohydrate ...

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Information sourced from Science Daily
Nutrition has been linked to cognitive performance, but researchers have not pinpointed what underlies the connection.
An extract from the book Ferment by Holly Davis (Murdoch Books RRP $45)

Anaerobic Capture on Vegetables

When you want to employ the good work of a range of lactobacillus - lactic acid-producing bacteria - and your aim is to exclude fungi/yeasts and moulds, it is important to exclude oxygen.
Judy Davie - The Food Coach
I'm growing broad beans at the moment and it's taking ages - They went into the ground as seedlings a few months ago and now stand proud about 4 feet tall, covered in flowers with no bean in sight.


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