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That's hilarious Cath - I agree, the world won't come t... »
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Unfortunately this has possibly confused people even mo... »
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Yes. This is not news to us. We live in a potato gro... »
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We just LOVE our cruciferous vegies! Steam them, roast... »
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I am finding it more and more difficult to get a good a... »

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  An extract from the book Feed the Brain by Delia McCabe and published by Exisle Publishing
The pigments that colour the fruit (and vegetables) we eat are carried by powerful antioxidants!

Here's what they can do for you

Purple fruits contain flavonoids, including resveratrol, which help to keep our blood vessels healthy, improve immunity, may keep blood pressure stable and have been linked to vision and cognitive benefits. Choose raisins, red grapes, blackberries and mulberries.

Red fruits contain lycopene and vitamin C, powerful antioxidants that protect our ...

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Judy Davie - The Food Coach ( with information sourced from Sydney Markets )
More often than not, a recipe book will refer to them as green onions while greengrocer's, supermarkets and most of the general public in Australia call them shallots.
Edited Extract from Feed Your Brain: The Cookbook, by Delia McCabe
In Feed Your Brain: 7 steps to a lighter, brighter you! I delve deeply into the science behind how feeding your brain leads to improved mental wellbeing, which includes the ability to improve focus and concentration, naturally improve learning and memory capacity as well as mood, and weight loss over time if you need to lose weight.
Information sourced from Science Daily
Those of you who've been on The Greengrocer's Dietfor some time may notice that they're mentally sharper than they used to be because it seems that the daily green smoothies don't just set you up for a day of good eating habits in the morning and take the edge of hunger in the afternoon they also help you to stay cognitively fit.


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