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Judy on Emulsifiers and Gut Function :
Thanks Maksine I would very much like to hear abo... »
Maksine on Emulsifiers and Gut Function :
Hi Judy, I'm currently researching the effect of dietar... »
Jim on Pineapple - bags of uses, zero waste :
I would love to be growing a regular supply of pineappl... »
Jim on How to keep an avocado fresh after single use :
We have a 'bacon' variety tree suitable for our inland ... »
Bill on How to keep an avocado fresh after single use :
Thanks Judy, I've always worried about this and so your... »

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  Judy Davie - The Food Coach
It's always fun to hear the new "corpo" language that emerges when another wave of 30 somethings come to the fore in their corporate career. The other day someone told me they would circle back to a subject. I commented that I thought it was a ridiculous phrase which led to a few days of highly amusing Facebook conversation full of the latest corporate language. And so I will try ...

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Information sourced Sydney Markets
Ask any great chef of cook what his or her secret ingredient is and chances are they will say "acid" in the form of lemon, vinegar or lime.
Information sourced from Science Daily
Imagine Jo, a 50-something year old professional man who gets up every day to breakfast and enjoys a small glass of orange juice and a bowl of muesli with fresh berries.
Adapted from an article by Lisa Costa Bir, Naturopath
It's cherry season again but you had better get stuck into them quickly; cherries are only in season for 100 days of the year from November to February.


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