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Back in 2011 I was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel di... »
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Judy - depends on size of glass of course. One orange (... »
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Thank you for your time playing Devil's advocate Vic<br... »
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Just to play the Devil's advocate, there are a few thin... »
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There have been studies done of the GI of various dates... »

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  Judy Davie - The Food Coach
The other day I bought a huge celeriac which was far bigger than I needed. Celeriac will store whole for a few months in the crisper section of the fridge however, given that I'd already cut into it and exposed it to air, I was keen to use it quickly and try to recreate an amazing fermented celeriac we'd enjoyed at a fancy French restaurant the year before.

Fermented foods ...

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Source - Science Daily. July 12th 2018
Oranges are available all year round and in winter particularly we are advised to eat the whole fruit for its fibre and, in particular, the vitamin C content.
Judy Davie - The Food Coach
At this time of year Medjool dates are at their best.
Judy Davie - The Food Coach
There's an increasing amount of "new" produce appearing onto the market; kalettes, pink kiwifruit, not to mention the many varieties of apples and tomatoes, coloured carrots and so on.


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