Market Fresh Report Week Ending 23rd June

Information courtesy of Sue Dodd Sydney markets

Why not try...
Mandarins are a versatile, tangy, fruit with a distinctive flavour. Sweet eating Imperial and Daisy mandarins are well priced.
Red Delicious apples are good eating and well priced. Also plentiful, Pink Lady, Jazz, Kanzi and Fuji apples.
There is a good supply of locally grown ruby-red rhubarb in store.
Green beans
Quick to cook and easy to prepare, machine harvested green beans a good buy.
Borlotti beans
Decorative red speckled borlotti beans are in season. Shell the beans from their pod and cook in salted water. Pureed they make a tasty dip, combined with lemon juice, garlic and olive oil. Add cooked beans to pasta dishes and salads and raw beans to chunky style vegetable soups and beef casseroles.
Celery is a versatile vegetable that lends its unique flavour to winter soups, sauces, stir-fries and risottos.
Vibrant carrots are in abundance in winter. Carrots are delicious roasted, used in spicy or chunky veggie soups and curries or add grated carrot to rissoles and meatloaf for sweetness
Banana prices are plentiful this week.
Mildura grown Leng Navel oranges are sweet eating
Rich and creamy Hass avocados are in peak season during winter.
Broccoli is flourishing in the cooler weather.
Winter is a great time to enjoy the fabulous selection of potatoes; you will find varieties such as Dutch Cream, Nicola, Kipfler and Pink Eye in store.
Vibrant beetroot soup is so easy to make with fresh beetroot. The flavour is authentic and packed with goodness. Alternatively for a tasty salad, toss warm roasted beetroot with baby spinach leaves and crumbled goats cheese, drizzle with balsamic vinegar and serve.
Queensland strawberries are extra flavoursome and smell divine. Simply wash and serve.
Custard Apples
Enjoy the flavour of a sweet African Pride custard apple.
Field-grown tomatoes from Queensland a good buy this week. For a richer flavour roast tomatoes, cut in half, season and add a drizzle of olive oil. Toss cooked tomatoes into pasta dishes, soups and casseroles.
Fresh herbs
Winter is the ideal time to add woody herbs to meals. Their leaves infuse meals with an aromatic flavour. Try adding oregano, rosemary, sage and marjoram to soups, casseroles, roasts or roasted veggies.
Sweet potato
Orange sweet potato also known as kumara makes a flavoursome low GI mash. Serve with grilled chicken, sausages or grilled chicken.
Serve shaved fennel in salads, add to curries or pan fry until just tender and serve with grilled fish.

Seasonal Recipes - Winter

Wholemeal Pancakes
This recipe is an extract from the Diabetes & Pre-Diabetes Handbook, and provides a suitable breakfast meal for those with pre-diabetes, or anyone looking for a delicious low GI start to the day. Peter Howard's pancakes are so versatile - sweet or savoury. And for breakfast, you can make the choice. Avocado slices with pepper and cottage cheese makes a suitable lunch with salad on the side.

Slow roasted chicken and fennel
This is one of the most popular recipes in the winter section of The Greengrocerís Diet, and a wonderful introduction to fennel if you've never tried it before. n

Vegie spaghetti with pesto chicken
If you've never tried vegetable spaghetti you really should. it's the sort of food kids will love because once cooked, the flesh comes apart like strands of spaghetti. Like most squash, they're quite bland to taste and lend themselves perfectly to flavoursome sauces like pesto.

Chilli Con Pavo
Chilli con pavo is similar to chilli con carne except instead of minced beef you use turkey. Itís a light spicy dish which when served with a cauliflower rice is low in fat and carbohydrate, high in fibre and an extremely good source of protein. Turkey mince is such a healthy choice of protein. Itís extremely low in fat and contains immune-supportive nutrients such as selenium and mineral zinc.

Spinach Pie
This is a real favourite and incredibly easy to make. Don't be put off by the filo pastry. The real trick is allow it to reach room temperature and work fast. I use a pastry brush to brush the sheets lightly with oil.

Asian chicken, noodle and sprout salad
This salad with its combination of textures and flavours is a substantial meal for both lunch and dinner. If you don't have Thai basil you can use coriander instead.

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