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Packham Pear Pandanus leaves Pandoro
Panetonne Papaw (see also yellow papaw) Video available - Papaw (see also yellow papaw) Papaya (see also red papaya) Video available - Papaya (see also red papaya)
Paprika - Hot, Sweet, Mild, Smoked Paradise Pears Parmesan cheese
Parrotfish Parsley Parsnip
Passionfruit Pasta - Dried Pasta - dried wholegrain
Pasta - Fresh PeachesVideo available - Peaches Peanuts
Pear Juice Concentrate PearsVideo available - Pears Peas Video available - Peas
Pecan NutVideo available - Pecan Nut Pecorino Pepitas
Pepper, Szechuan Pepperberry, Native Peppercorns
Peppermint (see Mint) Peppers (see Capsicum) PersimmonVideo available - Persimmon
Pine Nut Pineapple Pinto Beans
Pistachio NutVideo available - Pistachio Nut PlumsVideo available - Plums Polenta
Pomegranate Pomegrante molasses Poppy SeedVideo available - Poppy Seed
Porcini mushrooms Pork Potatoes Video available - Potatoes
Potatoes - Desiree Potatoes - Kipfler Potatoes - Pontiac
Prawns Preserved lemon Prickly Pear
Provolone PrunesVideo available - Prunes PumpkinVideo available - Pumpkin
Pumpkin - Jap Pumpkin Seed Purple carrot
Purple Rice

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