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Cabbage Cacao Cake
Calamari Camellia Tea Oil Camembert
Camomile Candle Nut Cannellini Beans
Canola Oil Cantaloupe (see rockmelon) Capers
CapsicumVideo available - Capsicum Capsicum - red Carambola (Starfruit)
Caraway Seed Cardamom Carob
CarrotVideo available - Carrot Cashews Cassia bark
Cauliflower Cavalo Nero Cayenne
CeleriacVideo available - Celeriac Celery Celery Seed
Cheddar CherriesVideo available - Cherries Cherry Plum
Chervil ChestnutVideo available - Chestnut Chia seeds
Chicken - Free RangeVideo available - Chicken - Free Range Chickory (Belgian endive) Chickpea
Chicory (American term) or curly endive Chilli Pepper - Fresh Chillies - dried
Chinese Broccoli Chinese Cabbage Chinese Five Spice
Chives Chocolate - DarkVideo available - Chocolate - Dark Chocolate - Milk
Chocolate coated strawberries Choy Sum Cinnamon
Clams Cloves Cocoa powder
Coconut Coconut Cream Coconut Oil
Coconut water Coffee Corella Pear
Coriander Leaves Coriander Seed Corn Oil
Corn Syrup Corn Tortilla Cornichons
Cornmeal Cos lettuce Cottage Cheese
Cottage Cheese - low fat Courgette (see zucchini) Cous Cous
COVER Crabs CranberryVideo available - Cranberry
Cucumber Cumin Cumquat
Currants Curry Leaves Curry Powder
Custard ApplesVideo available - Custard Apples

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