Top 5 festive fruits

By: Judy Davie - The Food Coach

What can you do with fresh figs, peaches, cherries, mango, and lychees?

Have a very fine Christmas, that's what.
Although there's a lot of things that make Christmas special like family and decorated trees and Santa Claus coming down the chimney with gifts, it's safe to say that for many people a significant amount of the festive season - and the lead up to it - is spent either thinking of food, or eating it. And although the focus is usually on the turkey, or ham or seafood spread, we should never forget all the seasonal produce that is available only at this time of year.

Whether eaten just as they are or combined into a delicious summer pudding or fresh salad figs, peaches, cherries, mangos, and lychees are the top five favourite fruits this festive season.

The savoury favourites include hand-picked green beans, asparagus, fresh herbs like basil and sage and many varieties of salad greens.

This holiday I urge you to consider the menu for the days leading up to and following Christmas Day because it's on these days when fresh produce shines most brightly.

In the lead up to Christmas, in anticipation of the big feast ahead, it's nice to eat as clean and lean as possible, and in the aftermath of it all, simple salads can be whipped up in seconds using the leftover turkey and ham accompanied by fresh crispy greens.

Take a look at all that's on offer this week, make space in your fridge to keep it all fresh and remember to have a very merry fresh Christmas.

Recipe Ideas

  • Watercress fig orange and fetta salad
  • Totally decadent cherry pie -fresh pitted cherries baked in a sweet shortcrust pastry
  • Peach, almond and ham salad - fresh rocket with slivered roasted almonds, ham and peaches
  • Turkey and lychee red curry
  • Mango, prawn and avocado salad


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