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10 essential ingredients for a Greek Easter celebration
By: Judy Davie - The Food Coach

While lamb may be the main celebratory food over Easter, the Greeks enjoy a wide variety of fresh produce through this important holiday. And when you see whatís in season right now, itís clear that Australia is a great place to ... Read more...

10 tips to reduce food waste and save money
By: Judy Davie - The Food Coach

Some of you may remember the mantra: Buy Fresh - Shop Local - Buy Less - Eat Less - Weigh Less - Waste Less Itís our philosophy when it comes to fresh food, and while the words ďbuy less might ... Read more...

6 easy swap to keep your kids fed and nourished through the holidays
By: Judy Davie - The Food Coach

MUM Ė This is always shouted in a very loud voice . How many times have you heard that this holiday? The school holidays are upon us which on one hand is great because you donít have to deal with ... Read more...

6 rules to No Recipe Soups
By: Judy Davie - The Food Coach

Winter has well and truly set in and if you're like me you'll already have the hot water bottle out, your winter coat hanging where it's easy to access and the fire on most nights. Hopefully you'll also have changed your ... Read more...

7 ways to save on your healthy shop
By: Judy Davie - The Food Coach

Everyone wants to be a little healthier and we all can be without breaking the budget. The healthiest food is fresh food grown in the country you live in and luckily for us, Australia always has plenty of fresh seasonal produce ... Read more...

A Focus on Meals: Breakfast
By: Leah Hechtman, Naturopath and Educator

I decided that it would be beneficial to actually talk about the benefits of each meal to help people plan their daily requirements. We often talk about breakfast being the most important meal, but why is that the case? What is ... Read more...

A Focus on Meals: Lunch
By: Leah Hechtman, Naturopath and Educator

I hope all of our readers are now eating a better breakfast! As we continue our discussion on the role of each meal in our diets, our next focus is on lunch. The purpose of lunch is to provide us with ... Read more...

A great pumpkin soup needs a good stock
By: Judy Davie - The Food Coach

I grew a pumpkin this year! You may well ask why, since the vine enthusiastically took over most of the garden and bore only one single fruit. It was nevertheless pretty exciting for this first timer especially when I was ... Read more...

Acid Wear: A 21st Century threat to teeth
By: Amy Pongrass

New research conducted nationally has revealed that Australians are unintentionally placing themselves at risk of an oral care issue known as Acid Wear. This condition can prematurely age the appearance of teeth and dentists are blaming the modern diet. One third of ... Read more...

Acid/Alkaline balance - what are the facts?
By: Rita Cozzi

Acid/alkaline balance is based on the pH of everything. The body in its wisdom uses its ions (minerals) not only to maintain fluid and electrolyte balance, but also to regulate the acidity (pH) of its fluids. The pH is a measure of ... Read more...

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