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Why Autumn is a great season to eat and lose weight

By: Judy Davie - The Food Coach

Like it or not the summer days are waning, the air outside is cooler and the produce coming into the markets reminds us that Autumn is here. And as sad as it is to wave goodbye to the delicious summer stone fruit and fresh salads which we've loved over the past 3 months, there's no need to fight it. There's great pleasure in turning the pages of our seasonal cookbooks ready to enjoy a whole new repertoire of eating that is found in Autumn.

It may surprise you to know that Autumn is probably the best season to lose weight in. With fewer social engagements, people are drinking and eating out less and there is more time to prepare food. The meals you can make with the seasonal produce of Autumn are rich in texture, colour and flavour they leave you feeling satisfied and nourished and less tempted to overeat.

If you're someone who felt uncomfortable in your swimmers and scanty summer clothes this year, why not embark on The Greengrocer's Diet/ this Autumn and shed those kilos over the cooler months ready for a big unveiling next year.

This season, allow more time to plan and prepare your meals, enjoy your dinner together with family and, because you will feel more tired at night than you did in the summer months, don't fight the feeling: Go to bed earlier and get the rest you need.

Autumn is the time to bring out the stock pot. A roast chicken, served with steamed veggies (not roasted yet) is great at this time of year and with the stock you can make a light chicken soup to take to work with crackers and topping. It's the perfect meal for office workers who want to take their lunch to work and save money. Filled with seasonal veggies such as onion, carrots, celery and fennel and chicken it's nourishing and delicious and a welcome change from summer salads

It's no coincidence that the produce of the season is what our body cries out for and needs for nourishment. As the season progresses we will look forward to the arrival of guava - the most Vitamin C rich fruit of all - kiwifruit, mandarins, limes and oranges - The arrival of these antioxidant abundant fruits are the army we need to strengthen the immune system against colds and flus that tend to attack as the days become cool and work runs us down.

Speaking of being run down: Louise, a full time office manager in Sydney's Northern Beaches was part of a team who trialed The Greengrocer's Diet early Autumn 2014. She had been one of those lucky ladies who in her youth could eat as much as she liked without gaining an gram. As the years progressed and she hit menopause Louise started to thicken in the stomach and she could no longer eat the quantities she used to eat. More importantly with her busy lifestyle and full time job, Louise was always tired and her knees aches when she was on her feet for any length of time.

4 weeks into The Greengrocer's Diet, Louise had lost 4 kilos, her knees were no longer sore and although, in her words at the end of the day her eyes were tired she no longer felt tired when she drove home after a long day in the office.

Once again, we proved that a diet rich in seasonal produce is what the body needs for peak performance.

Autumn is a great season.

Ask your local greengrocer for a copy of The Greengrocer's Diet or visit the website
The Greengrocer's Diet/


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