I'm dreaming of a green Christmas

By: Judy Davie - The Food Coach

Ouch that was a corny title!

About this time of the year 17 years ago I started The Food Coach with a mission to encourage Australians to eat healthier food: At the time I didn't know how to do that but I did know it was an important thing to do. Arguably more important today is to encourage Australians to look after the planet, a mission my good friend Jennifer Nielsen is hellbent on achieving with ekko.world.

Jennifer realised that the whole eco, sustainable, emissions thing confuses a lot of people who may want to do something but don't know where to start. To these people her message is simple: Start by doing something. Whether it is to separate your household waste properly, never use another plastic bag, or - to use the example of one of her friends - use a single plastic bag and not two to carry your shopping.

If we all do something we leave the planet in a better place for our children.

I must admit to having a few head scratching moments when she's on her soap box about the environment - just as I know people's eyes glaze over when I start talking about the atrocious food out there - because, like food and health, the problem with the planet's health is vast and far reaching; as is her extraordinary website.

Regardless of far you want to go with it, anything you need to know about creating a sustainable planet is on this site.

In my own little way I am an eco-warrior. I loathe food waste, avoid most household chemicals, buy E10 petrol, and recycled toilet roll (even though my derriere prefers Sorbent soft), take my own bags when shopping (90% of the time), and throw our organic food waste into worm farms.

This year I'm going eco shopping.

Gift giving and receiving is an odd thing in a world where we have so much self-gotten stuff which is why sending the gift of a chicken or a goat to a family in a third world country is appealing, but the truth is, as much as I like how it makes me feel to give a goat, there's less pleasure to receive one. Maybe this reveals a nasty streak of selfishness since a goat will change the life of a family living in a third world country, but I do think receivers miss out on that full-heart feeling which comes from receiving a gift from someone who cares about us enough to consider what we'd like, make a purchase - or make the gift - and wrap it up.

A solution to combining altruism with considered love and generosity is to purchase a gift from ekko.world. There's certainly no elevator pitch to explain the depth of content on this platform, suffice to say amongst it all you will find a directory of Australian made, energy efficient, handmade, local, zero exploitation, organic, chemical free, recycled, products from sustainable eco-traders which make great Christmas presents.(OK the cars may be a bit expensive).

All the work is done for you and no brand is favoured. If it's Australian and eco it's in. Once you've found what you want to buy you'll be directed to a green trader passionate about doing his or her "bit" for the planet.

Trawl through the site and find some green thing your family and friends will like. From worms to fashion, sunglasses made of old skateboards, bags made from recycled denim, organic food, children's toys and clothing, homewares etc. The directory of green goods is like an eco-department store.

The transaction is completed at the store of the trader so you'll need to get cracking since Christmas is less than two weeks away.

As to what I want? 2,000 worms would be great.

Happy (green) shopping


Dec 13 2017 3:05PM
Great article. Thank you Judy,
Comment by: Jennifer

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Great article. Thank you Judy,... »
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