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After Dinner Mints at Breakfast

By: The Food Coach

After Dinner Mints at Breakfast: A Treasured Collection of Recipes To Share At Your Table

A brand new cookbook designed to bring family and friends together around the table has been released in Australia this week after two years in the making - no small feat for two first-time collaborators who have self-published the 200 page title After Dinner Mints for Breakfast in the name of charity.

A passion for food and a burning desire to support the Captain Courageous Foundation led Helen Burge and Kirsty Willows to the idea of compiling the heart (and stomach) warming collection of recipes that celebrate memorable gatherings. The Foundation raises funds to support research into Bone Marrow Failure Diseases, and was established three years ago by Jessica & Jeff Bond, whose young son Angus suffers from the incredibly rare Diamond Black Fan anaemia (one of eight Bone Marrow Failure Diseases). "I cannot thank the girls enough for this divine cookbook. The end result is a testament to their generosity, compassion, friendship and overwhelming support", said Jessica.

The pair have compiled the hardcover book of over 160 recipes into seven occasion specific chapters such as Dinner Parties After Dark, Playdates for Little People and Food on the Go.

All of the proceeds from the sale of each copy of the book will go directly to research projects funded by the Captain Courageous Foundation across Australia. Unlocking the cause of these rare diseases could not only lead to a cure for children suffering a rare life threatening Bone Marrow Failure Disease but could also realize a break through for more common blood diseases, such as Leukemia.

After Dinner Mints for Breakfast has seen an amazing collaboration of voluntary input from friends, family and generous professionals. 'We keep pinching ourselves; it has been remarkable to ask people for help and to have been met with such positivity every time. All the contributors have gone beyond expectations, and the result is beautiful,' enthused Kirsty.

Following Maggie Beer's encouraging words of support, After Dinner Mints for Breakfast is not only a beautiful tome for the kitchen bench, it is a testament to the generosity of the human spirit.

The cookbook is available now online and in selected stores and markets across Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney for $50. To purchase online or look up details for markets and stores stocking the book, visit The Captain Courageous Foundation.


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