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It's the wholegrain…the whole flavour…the whole goodness

By: The Food Coach

Pangkarra Foods, a new Australian food business, has secured national distribution for its range of premium stone milled wholegrain pasta and flour products. The increasingly popular stone milled wholegrain products are now available throughout gourmet stores and restaurants in all Australian states.

As the Australian population learn more about food- the source, the process, and the experience- companies such as Pangkarra are at the forefront of this momentum. Pangkarra stone milled wholegrain pasta and flour is gaining attention from food critics, chefs, children, mums and families across Australia.

Clare Valley farmers, David and Margot Maitland, together with their sons Sam and Jim, and Jim's wife Katherine, have added value to their existing farming business, by launching the first premium stone milled wholegrain pasta and flour produced in Australia, made from 100% durum wheat, grown on their farm.

"Our family have been primary producers since 1866," said Jim Maitland, fifth generation farmer. "We felt there was an opportunity to value add our farm produce. We started selling the initial offering of four lines of pasta in March 2011, and since it's inception, the public have responded well to the products. We now have seven lines of pasta and retail bags of flour in the market."

Pangkarra is 100% natural wholegrain pasta, which has a long list of associated health benefits, and a grainy, nutty, delicious taste. Jim said the secret to making Pangkarra pasta involves three easy steps; quality durum wheat, traditional stone milling methods and hand crafted manufacturing with slow air drying.

"The pasta is made from durum wheat grown on our farm in the Clare Valley. We use sustainable farming techniques and organic fertilisers throughout the growing seasons and we store the grain on farm in chemical-free grain storage facilities. We take pride in our processes on farm in the early stages of production," Jim said.

"Grain is stone milled using traditional milling methods, which means the natural flavours of the grain remain inherit throughout the milling process. The pasta is then hand crafted into various shapes and allowed to dry in low temperature controlled conditions. No preservatives or chemicals have been used on the grain to achieve our result, it's 100% natural.

"This process means the pasta is an excellent source of soluble and insoluble fibre, resulting in a low GI. It is also a good source of vitamin B1 (which is necessary to convert carbohydrates in energy), low in fat (less 2.6%) and low in sodium. But above all this, we wanted the pasta to compare with the superior imported brands on taste and texture, and we are happy with the result.

Well known South Australian food identity Maggie Beer, has tasted and loved Pangkarra pasta.
"Pangkarra definitely embodies the slow food philosophy when you consider that it is the wholegrain milled traditionally and the pasta made with the slow drying that makes such a difference to texture and flavour," Maggie said. "The family should be very proud of their pasta. I really loved its flavour and texture."

Jane Barnes nutritionist from Food Sense, author and foodie said Pangkarra pasta is 'nutritionally exciting' as the stone milling process preserves nutrients, which are sometimes compromised in modern milling practices.

"Pangkarra wholegrain pasta is superior as it is produced from stoneground flour and is processes using slow drying methods, which ensures that maximum nutrients present in the growing grain are retained during production," she said. "So what a bonus that it is such a tasty product!"

Pangkarra Foods is a food business, based in Clare Valley, South Australia. Initially, the business will produce wholegrain dry pasta, with the intention of growing the business long term, offering other food products from the farm. The seven pasta shapes include wholegrain fettuccine, spaghetti, linguine, lasagne, pappardelle and penne. The stone milled wholegrain flour is available in 10kg or 1kg bags. For more information on the business, visit

Other information:

  • Pangkarra means 'a district or tract of country belonging to an individual, which he inherits from his father'. The land is central within Aboriginal cultures, as it is to our family and our farming practices.
  • Wholegrain pasta is not exactly the same as wholemeal pasta, the difference is in the milling. Pangkarra pasta is wholegrain, not wholemeal, because it has been stone milled
  • Pangkarra uses environmentally sustainable farming methods
  • One serve of Pangkarra pasta gives you more than your recommended daily requirement of wholegrains
  • Experts say that eating wholegrain foods is an essential part of a weight control diet and can reduce the risk of heart disease, colon cancer and diabetes by 30%
  • Pangkarra pasta is full of essential B vitamins necessary to convert carbohydrates into energy.


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