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Diane on What do you think about putting Probiotics in Ice Cream? :
I've been making my own milk kefir ice-cream with much ... »
Kerry on Three rules for healthy eating :
Is coconut oil healthy to cook with?... »
sonya on Three rules for healthy eating :
1. Eat real food 2. Mostly plants 3. Not much... »
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thanks for you detailed and helpful writeup i will defi... »
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Discrimination & Your Waistline
By: The Food Coach

Have you ever been discriminated against and did it make you want to go and stuff a chocolate bun in your mouth? Well you're not alone according to a new study published 'How discrimination hurts: Lack of fair treatment leads to ...

Eating nuts associated with improvements in cholesterol levels
By: Lisa Costa Bir with information from Eurekalert

In the weight loss clinic i work at at least half of the patients i see present with elevated cholesterol. I prescribe a number of diet and lifestyle interventions, some backed by science such as the use of the herb Globe ...

What do you think about putting Probiotics in Ice Cream?
By: Lisa Costa Bir

Most of us are well aware of the benefits of consuming pre and probiotics for our general health & well-being, particularly with regards to gut and immune health, so I read with interest an Italian Study in which probiotics were being ...

Our edible elephant ride
By: Judy Davie

Our edible elephant ride What do you do with a steep sloped piece of land that is at the mercy of creeping bamboo threatening to overgrow it completely? Build an edible elephant on it of course. The said steep sloped piece ...

Three rules for healthy eating
By: Judy Davie

We all know there are a lot of rules or, as they are more leniently referred to as guidelines, for eating a healthy diet, but what if there were only three you had to stick to; three rules passed (and prosecuted ...

What do you do with Poppy seeds?
By: Lisa Costa Bir, Naturopath & Food Coach

Mention the words ‘poppy seeds’ to me and it conjures up images of the little black seeds sticking out of the gigantic orange and poppy seed muffins sold at the school tuck shop as well as the little black seeds dotting ...