About The Food Coach

Consumer services

Take a look around - On public transport, in the lift going up to the office, walking around the mall - All around are people in a semi state of wellness. Take a look, they are easy to recognise. Some are overweight, some have pimples or glassy eyes, many wear grey circles under their eyes and all of them walk with a lifelessness beyond their years. It's the majority of people out there (maybe it's you reading this now).

Our objective

To help the majority of people improve their eating habits.

Our mission

To inform, inspire and involve people to learn that good healthy food can taste great and help them to recognise that life is better when they eat well.
Through our articles we teach people what to eat
Through our videos we show people how to cook
Through our recipes we inspire people with ideas of what to cook day to day
Through our club we support and motivate people to change

The Food Coach is for anyone who eats!

Corporate services

We offer a healthy recipe development and video production service to all businesses who promote healthy eating. Recipes will be marketed on this site and can be used in any other marketing material.

For recipe development and video production contact i n f o @ t h e f o o d c o a c h . c o m . a u  for more information or call Judy Davie on 0413 831 697

For groups presentation and tailored workshops contact i n f o @ t h e f o o d c o a c h . c o m . a u  or call Judy Davie on 0413 831 697

All media enquires contact j u d y @ t h e f o o d c o a c h . c o m . a u  or call Judy Davie on 0413 831 697

To advertise on this site please contact H e i d i . M o n r o @ s e n s i s . c om . a u 

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